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Cognitive foundations of game-based learning

Cognitive load/cognitive processing
“Designers also have to consider the cognitive demand of processing the meaning of the various game elements, that is, the cognitive load experienced by the learner during gameplay.” (Plass et al., 2015)
“… the benefit of games is that they can present information and problems in ways that closely mirror real life, which facilitates the transfer of learning.” (Plass et al., 2015)
Transfer of learning
“Games can facilitate both roads to transfer by giving repeated opportunity to practice skills and apply knowledge (low road) and by providing different, but related, experiences that facilitate the abstractions needed for knowledge to be generalized to novel situations (high road).” (Plass et al., 2015)
Representation of Information
“Another strength of games is their highly visual nature: Most games represent key information in compelling visual form.” (Plass et al., 2015)

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