Meltdowns and how to help your child manage their emotions

What are Zones of Regulations?

Zones of Regulation are used by some schools and health care professionals. It’s especially used for school-aged children. In this technique, each emotion belongs to a visual zone. For example, anger could belong to the red zone, while happiness could belong to the green zone.  

Stay in the green zones.

There are numerous advantages. The main one is the development of emotional awareness and the guidance for children to a reflection. That is usually encouraged through a list or display of several techniques to deal with the specific emotion of each zone.


If parents want to introduce this system for the early support of their children, it’s best to consult health care professionals

You can always use visual and social stories to help your child understand the range of emotions and how they relate to different situations. For example, you could print out pictures of children showing different emotions. Then, your child will have to point out and identify which feelings they are showing. Be cooperative and help them label during the practice. You can do the same by creating a social story and talk about how each character may feel. You can also think about how they could manage their feelings. 

You will find here a direct link to the official site of the system, where you can get informed and download free resources.